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A new way of doing assessment.

When you choose to create your assessment through Cadmus, you’ll be creating your very own Cadmus Assignment. A Cadmus Assignment is a new assessment option to aid the design of your course or subject. It can take many different forms. Some are formative while others are summative. Really, it’s up to you to decide. Regardless, one thing is constant for any Cadmus Assignment – it saves you time, maintains academic integrity, and provides greater learning experiences for your students.

Build and manage your Cadmus Assignment.

Use Cadmus to easily create, deliver and mark your assessment. Powerful authoring and management tools allow you to focus on delivering the best assessment for your students. State of the art rubric and grading tools makes providing feedback easier and more valuable than ever before.


Valuable tools for your students.

Students are provided with their own dedicated environment to complete a Cadmus Assignment. This cloud based text editor is easy to access and requires no setup. There, students can receive assessment instructions, write their own notes, collate research and view teacher feedback. All in the same place where they draft and complete their final submission.


Assure your assessment is fair.

All your students work in the same environment. This ensures a level playing field is maintained. Non-invasive educative messages are delivered to your students directly in app, helping them learn and develop academic writing skills. Informative analytics and effective reporting tools also make it easy for you to uphold your institution’s academic integrity standards.


Features of every Cadmus Assignment.

No matter how you design your assessment with Cadmus, these are the things you’ll always receive:

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