2. Set Requirements

Set assignment requirements like due dates, drafting and Turnitin settings.

Now that we’re in the Teacher Environment, you can see that Cadmus Assignments are broken up into 3 sections: the requirements, the instructions and the resources. Let’s go through and start by setting the requirements. Click Set requirements and grading options to be taken to the Requirements page.

First we’ve got the key dates section, where you’ll have to specify a final due date and feedback return date for the assignment. Let’s click Set final due date. Select a final due date and time, and then click next. The return date and time refer to when students will be able to access their grades and feedback through Cadmus. I’ll set my return date to 2 weeks after the final due date using the quick options below. Then click Confirm.

On the right here, you can see a preview of how the requirements will appear to students when they access their assignment in Cadmus. As you continue to set certain requirements, they’ll show up here if they’re visible to students.

All Cadmus Assignments are automatically integrated with Turnitin, which means you mark submissions in Turnitin Feedback Studio. In the Grading + Turnitin section, you can set Max Points to the number of points you’d like to mark out of in Feedback Studio. You can also control how similarity information is shared with students in Cadmus. Students can access similarity scores and reports before the due date, after the due date or not at all. If there are any other Turnitin settings you need to set for your assignment like rubrics, you can access them by clicking View advanced Turnitin settings.

Next, if your assignment involves draft submissions, you can turn drafting on here and specify a draft due date. You can tell students how much an assignment is worth by turning on weighting. You can also set a word limit for the task, as well as a referencing style. When you select a referencing style, students will have access to the relevant guides in Cadmus Manual as they work.

Once you’re happy with all the requirements you’ve set, remember to click confirm settings. We’ll move onto adding instructions to the assignment next.