6. Submission

Students submit and receive Turinitin similarity scores through Cadmus.

When students have finished their work, they submit through Cadmus as well. It’s as simple as clicking the Submit button in the top-right corner. This takes students to the assessment preview page where they have to accept a submission declaration. This acts a bit like a cover sheet for their submission. And then they need to click Submit again to confirm.

They’ll now be on the Final Submission page, where they’ll see confirmation of their submission. Once their submission is processed by Turnitin, they’ll be able to see their similarity score and originality report from this page as well. This won’t always happen straight away, so students can come back into Cadmus to check later. Students also get emailed a confirmation and PDF copy of their submission to their student email.

Even after submitting, students can continue working on their assignment. They just need to click Continue Editing in the top-right corner. Their work remains submitted, but they can make changes and resubmit again when they’re ready, following the same process of submission as before. This will replace their last submission with the latest version. They can resubmit up to 3 times and still receive Turnitin similarity scores. For any resubmissions after this, Turnitin takes 24 hours to return similarity scores and originality reports.

Back in the Teacher Environment, let’s take a look at the My Class page. As students submit, you’ll see their progress update, and their submissions come up under Finals - all ready for grading.