7. Grading & Feedback

Access student submissions from the My Class page, and then use Turnitin Feedback Studio to grade and give feedback as usual.

Once the due date has passed and student submissions are in, it’s time to start marking. In the Teacher Environment, head to the My Class page to review all the submissions. In the Finals tab, you’ll see a list of all the students that have submitted. Next to each name you’ll be able to see when they submitted, their Turnitin similarity score, and a button to Grade their work. Clicking on any of these headings lets you sort your class list accordingly.

When you’re ready to Grade, just click the Grade button next to a student's name. This will launch Turnitin Feedback Studio, where you can grade your student's work, just like you’re used to, with all the usual tools like text and audio comments, or quick marks.

If you use rubrics in your marking, you’ll be able to add them in from here as well. While viewing any submission in Feedback Studio, select the Rubric icon. Click the settings icon to bring up the Rubric and Forms manager, and then the menu in the top-left corner. From here you can create or upload a rubric - there’s heaps of Tii documentation you can use to guide you through this too. Once you’ve set your rubric up, remember to click attach to assignment. Now it’ll be available to use on all your students' submissions.

As you continue to work your way through marking the submissions you’ll see all the grades appear back in the Finals tab in Cadmus — but these won’t get released back to students until the Return date. This is the date that's set back in the Requirements section of the assignment instructions. Once we hit this date, students will be able to review their feedback through the Cadmus Student Environment. Once back in the Student Environment, they’ll see their Grade and similarity score. By clicking ‘View Grades and Feedback’ they’ll be taken to Turnitin Feedback Studio, where they’ll see their submission, and any comments or feedback they’ve received.