Introducing Others

Cadmus Assignments might be new to your teaching team and many of your students, so it can be helpful to introduce them to Cadmus early on.

Introduce students to Cadmus by sharing this video

Introducing your teaching team

You can use this guide as a resource to introduce your tutors to Cadmus. In particular, Stage 6: Grading and Feedback, should cover everything they need to know if they’re only involved in the marking process.

Introducing students

When you introduce students to their Cadmus Assignment, there are few important things they need to know:

1. All their work needs to be completed in Cadmus

Students can’t write it in Microsoft Word and copy it in.

2. Everything they need for their assignment can be found in Cadmus

They’ll find their instructions and resources, write their assignment, submit, and access feedback all through the Student Environment.

3. Cadmus uses preset formatting and doesn’t have pages

Students can just focus on their content while Cadmus takes care of things like fonts and styles.

Here are a few ideas of how you could introduce Cadmus to students:

  • Show students the Cadmus Student Video in class
  • Show your class how to access their Cadmus assignment in a lecture or tutorial.
  • Introduce Cadmus through an announcement on your unit page (check out the sample announcement)

Announcement to students

This semester, we’ll be using Cadmus for [assignment name]. Cadmus is an online environment where students complete written assignments.

Here’s a quick introduction to the Cadmus Student Environment

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You must complete all of your work inside of Cadmus, in other words, you can’t write your assignment in Word and then copy and paste it into Cadmus
  • Everything you need for your assignment is found in Cadmus including the instructions
  • Access your Cadmus Assignment in Blackboard by clicking on the Cadmus Assignment link under Assessments