Stage 3: Managing the Assessment

As your students work, keep track of your class using the Class List and Progress Reports. Update and re-release the Instructions at any point, too.

To update instructions...
  1. Navigate to the Instructions page in the top-left corner.
  2. Click Edit Instructions in the top-right corner.
  3. After you've made changes to your assignment, click the Release button.
  4. Confirm by clicking Release again. You changes will now be visible to students.
To view your class’ progress...
  1. Navigate to the My Class page in the top-left corner.
  2. Use filters to view students that have submitted drafts or finals.
  3. Use the search bar in the top-right for more specific filtering.

Now that your assignment has been released, let’s learn a bit more about how you can manage your assessment. In the Teacher Environment, you’ll see two pages available up the top. From the Instructions page, you’ll see the latest version of the assignment you've released to students. If you ever want to update the instructions or add new resources, Click Edit Instructions. Once you’re done, click Release, and again to confirm, to re-release the assignment. Just like before, when you release the instructions, all the changes you make are immediately made available to students. They’ll even be notified in the Student Environment that changes have been made to the instruction sheet.

From the My Class page you’ll be able to view your class list. Students will appear in this list once they access their assignment for the first time. You can use the filters and search bar to keep track of students that have started, submitted drafts and submitted finals. This where you’ll be able to access grading as well - but more on that later.

While your assessment is live, you’ll also receive progress updates via email. These will give you more in depth Learning Analytics on how your class is progressing with the assignment. You’ll get information on things like word counts and resources accessed; so you can use this to keep your class on track.