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Cadmus is an online environment where you complete written assessment tasks created by your teacher.

We understand the stress and complexity that comes with university assessments — so that’s why we’ve completely simplified the process. The Cadmus Student Environment is a single place to access, complete and submit your assignment.

Cadmus Student Environment

Cadmus Student Environment

Accessing your Cadmus Assignment

You can access Cadmus directly through your Learning Management System (e.g. Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle or D2L). Just click the Cadmus Assignment link in your subject site.

If it’s your first time opening Cadmus, you’ll be asked to accept the Cadmus privacy notice. These terms and conditions inform you about usage data that’s collected in Cadmus. Once you Accept, you can Enrol in the assignment. Clicking Go to my assessment will open the Cadmus Student Environment in a new tab.

Access your Cadmus Assignment through the LMS

Access your Cadmus Assignment through the LMS

NOTE: Cadmus isn’t available on mobiles or tablets yet - stick to using a computer or laptop to access your assignment. Your internet browser matters too! Please use the latest version of Chrome for the best experience. You can also use the latest versions of Firefox and Safari.

The Student Environment

You’ll notice the Student Environment is made up of two main areas - the grey panel on the left with Instructions and Notes, and the white Work space on the right. Everything you need to complete your Cadmus Assignment is in the Student Environment - and it all gets saved automatically.


Here you’ll find the Requirements of your assignment and Asssessment Instructions. You can also download and access Additional Resources attached to the assignment.

Instructions are on the left of the Cadmus Student Environment

Instructions tab

TIP! Use the button in the bottom-right of the Instructions or Notes tab to change its size to half or full screen. Hide it completely using the x


You can use this space to plan or collect research - it’s really up to you. It won’t be submitted with your work, so you can use it however you like.

The Notes tab is next to the Instructions, on the left of the Cadmus Student Environment

Notes tab


This is where you’ll write your assignment. You might find this space feels a bit different from the other text editors you’re used to. Cadmus doesn’t use pages, and some of the Formatting is preset. The toolbar at the top of the Work space has everything you need to write and structure your work effectively.

Submitting your assignment happens through Cadmus as well. You’ll see the Submit button in the top-right corner. Next to this you’ll find the word count and save status for your work. Every few seconds, Cadmus will autosave your work. When this displays saved, the latest version of your work has been saved to the cloud. You can also Work Offline in Cadmus if you need.

The word count, save status and Submit button are in the top-right of the Cadmus Student Environment

Find the word count, save status and Submit button in the top-right corner


At the bottom of the Work area is a space to add your end-text reference list. Your references are formatted automatically depending on the referencing style specified by your assignment - one less thing to worry about!

Cadmus Student Environment with Cadmus Manual open, and References and Work section in view

References section is at the bottom of the Work space

Cadmus Manual

Clicking the ? button in the bottom-right opens up Cadmus Manual. It’s full of helpful university resources on things like Academic Writing and referencing. It also has Cadmus support articles, giving you detailed information on using Cadmus.


If you ever have any issues while you’re working, get in touch by clicking the Message button in Cadmus Manual. You can also reach us at any time - we’re always happy to help!

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