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If you’re connected to the internet, all your work constantly saves to the cloud - but it's possible to keep working in Cadmus without an internet connection.

While we strongly recommend working online, we understand that students work at different times, in different places - sometimes without an internet connection. The only times you strictly need an internet connection are when you first open Cadmus and when you submit.

Working Offline in the Cadmus Student Environment

You will see a notification at the top when you disconnect from the internet

If you want to work offline, open Cadmus while you still have an internet connection. With your Cadmus tab open in your browser, you can safely disconnect from the internet. When the connection is lost, a notification appears up the top, letting you know that changes you make while offline can’t save to the cloud. You can dismiss the notification by clicking the x in the right-hand corner.

When you’re offline, Cadmus will try re-connecting in the background and the save status next to the Submit button will show saving. As soon as a connection is re-established, all your changes will be backed up, and saving will change to saved.

NOTE: If you’re planning to work offline for a long period of time, please don’t clear your internet cache or history until you’re back online. Also, avoid using private browsing. This will ensure you don’t face any saving issues when you’re back online.

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