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A simplified format, that's

easy to manage and

clear for students.

Setting up and releasing an assignment

Deliver assignments with ease

Cadmus allows you to create and deliver assignments directly to students, in the exact same environment where they will complete it.

Clear and concise instructions

With a templated structure for building assessment tasks, Cadmus helps you create instructions that are easy for students to interpret and understand.

Clean and consistent submissions

Preset formatting in Cadmus means all the submissions from your class are consistent and easy to read.

Create flexible, authentic

assessment tasks.

Updating an assignment in real time

Update an assignment, during an assignment

Cadmus Assignment instructions can be updated at any point, with all the changes immediately visible to students. Scaffolded assessment just became easier.

Create opportunities for planning and research

Cadmus is designed to help students go through “authentic" learning processes. Encourage your class to take notes, plan, and collect research - all within Cadmus.

Identify ways to improve

your assessment.

Weekly progress email

Stay informed with weekly progress emails

See how your class is progressing during your assignment. Learn how many students have accessed the resources, or how many have started working — then take actions to boost engagement.

Learn how to improve for next time

Receive a summary report on completion, detailing how your class interacted with your Cadmus Assignment. See what worked and what didn't, and then make adjustments for next time.

A better way to do
written assessment

Now available at the following universities...

University of Melbourne Deakin University
Edith Cowan University Queensland University of technology