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Cadmus makes it easy to create flexible, authentic assessments. Use this guide to set up your first Cadmus Assignment.

You might have an existing assignment you’d like to put in Cadmus, or an idea for something brand new - either way, you can follow these steps to create, write and release a Cadmus Assignment. You’ll also find some tips on how to set up your assignment for success.

Write your Assignment Instructions

Set your assignment Requirements, then add the Instructions

Create a Cadmus Assignment link

To begin using Cadmus, you’ll need to set up an assessment in your LMS unit page.

We’ve found the best place to put your Cadmus Assignment link is in your Assessment folder. To create a new assignment link, choose Assessment > Cadmus Assignment. All you need to include is a title for your assignment. We recommend adding ‘Cadmus Assignment’ to the title. This makes it easy for students to find.

Create a Cadmus Assignment from the LMS

Create a Cadmus Assignment link from the LMS

Note: Cadmus isn’t available on mobiles or tablets yet - you’ll have to use a computer or laptop to create your assignment. Your internet browser matters too! Please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari to work in Cadmus.

Write your Assignment Instructions

Now that your assignment link is set up, it’s time to get into the Cadmus Teacher Environment - click on the link you’ve just created, and then click Go to my Assessment. A new window will open, taking you to the Teacher Environment. From here, you’ll write your assignment instructions and release it to your class.

Begin by setting the Requirements of your assignment. You’ll need to specify the:

  • due date
  • word limit
  • marks allocated
  • referencing style

If your assignment requires students to submit a Draft, you can set a Draft Due Date here, too. If you’re not using Drafting, just select No Draft.

Write your Assignment Instructions

Set your assignment Requirements, then add the Instructions

Below the requirements, type or copy in your Assessment Instructions. You can use the toolbar to format the instructions as you like. Once you’re happy with your instructions, add in any Additional Resources by uploading them from your computer or linking external URLs. Any edits you make save automatically.

Tip! If you’re copying over instructions from a previous assignment, use this opportunity to refine them. Keep them simple and ensure students are able to meet all the requirements in Cadmus. Take a look at Formatting options in Cadmus to see what’s possible.

Release your Assignment

You’re now ready to release your assignment to students. Click the Release button in the top-right corner, and then confirm by clicking Release again.

Assignment Release Button

Release your assignment using the button in the top-right corner

Once your assignment has been released, you’ll be able to update it at any time. While on the assignment Preview page, click on Edit Assignment from the confirmation banner at the top of the page.

Assignment Preview Page

Return to editing your assignment from the Preview page

Tip! Update your assessment instructions at any point during an assignment. Try this for Scaffolded Assessment designs.

Preview your Assignment as a Student

It’s helpful to look at your assignment in the Student Environment to understand what students will experience.

Back in the LMS, turn on Student Preview mode. Click on the Cadmus Assignment link, and then click Go to my Assessment. A new window will open up with the assignment as students will access it.

Preview Assignment in Student Environment

Preview your assignment from the Student Environment

While you’re in the student environment, play around in the editor and check that your instructions clear. If you’re not completely happy with how your assignment looks, you can go back to the Teacher Environment to edit it.

Tip! The best outcomes in Cadmus are a result of students completing all their work in the Student Environment. It’s important to set these expectations with students from the beginning. Refer to our Introducing Students to Cadmus guide for some helpful ideas.


Well done! You’ve successfully set up your first Cadmus Assignment.

If you ever need help using Cadmus, the Teacher Guides and Student Guides are a great place to start. If you’re still unable to find what you’re looking for, you can always reach out to us at

We hope you enjoy using Cadmus!

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