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With Cadmus you can easily design authentic assessments pieces that guide your students towards achieving their learning outcomes.

Whether you’re creating a new assessment piece, or you have an existing assignment you’d like to try in Cadmus, you can be creative in designing parts of it to make the most of Cadmus’ features. Encourage specific behaviours in students like note-taking and planning, or try Drafting and Scaffolded Assessments to create authentic learning experiences.

Setting up a Cadmus Assignment

Before setting up your assignment, take some time to review and simplify your assessment instructions. Cadmus’ templated structure for assessment tasks allows you to create concise instructions that are easy for students to understand. If you’re transferring over instructions from a past assignment, look out for formatting instructions that are no longer relevant in Cadmus.

Tip! Cadmus uses preset Formatting and doesn’t have pages - so remove any requirements asking for things like page numbers or specific fonts. Students don’t need to include coversheets either.


If you’re wanting to provide students with feedback before they submit their final piece, the Drafting functionality in Cadmus is perfect for you. From the Cadmus Teacher Environment, simply set a draft due date in the Requirements section.

Select a Draft due date

Select a Draft due date from the Requirements section of your assignment

Once the draft due date has passed, all draft submissions will be uploaded to Turnitin. From Turnitin you can leave personalised feedback for your students, or simply review drafts and provide collective feedback to the class.

When drafting is enabled, your students will see a Submit Draft button in the top-right of the Student Environment, up until the the draft due date. Students will be able to submit a draft up until this point, after which the Submit Draft button will be replaced by the Submit button.

Scaffolded Assessments

With Cadmus, scaffolded assessment tasks are easily achievable through the connected Teacher and Student Environments. If you design your assignment to be broken up into stages, you can progressively update and release instructions through Cadmus. All changes to the instructions are immediately viewable to students.

From the Teacher environment, you can update the assignment by clicking Edit Assignment from the banner at the top of the page. You can now make changes to the assignment, which will be saved automatically. When you are ready to share your updated instructions with students, click Release in the top-right corner, and then confirm by clicking Release again.

On the Preview page, the banner at the top confirms the date and time of your latest assignment release.

Edit and Release an Assignment

Update and edit your assignment instructions

More Ideas

If you’re looking for more assessment ideas, check out the Cadmus Blog. We’re always updating it with new ideas and tips for creating better assessments.

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