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Access and manage submissions in Cadmus, and then use the full functionality of Turnitin to mark your students' work.

You can access submissions for marking from the My Class page in the Teacher Environment. In the Finals tab, you’ll see a list of all students that have submitted. Click on the table headings to sort submissions by time, similarity score, or grade.

Finals tab in the My Class page with a list of student submissions

View student submissions in the Finals tab on the My Class page

To grade an assignment, simply click Grade next to a student’s name to be taken to Turnitin Feedback Studio. From here you can grade your student’s work, the way you’re used to, with all the usual grading tools. All the Turnitin settings from your LMS or unit are automatically available when you use Cadmus as well, so all of your quick-marks and rubrics will be ready for you to use. Learn more about Grading in Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Submission in Turnitin Feedback Studio with grading tools in view

Use the grading tools in Turnitin Feedback Studio to mark submissions

When you add a grade value in Turnitin, you’ll see it come up automatically in the Finals tab on the My Class page. The grade will also be sent through to Grade Centre. Students won’t be able to see their grades and feedback in the Student Environment until after the return date. This is the date that’s set in the Requirements section of the Instructions page.

Return date being set from Requirements section of the Instructions page

Edit the return date from the Requirements section of the Instructions page

NOTE: Students won’t be able to see the return date in the Student Environment. You can always set this date to give yourself plenty of time to mark, and then bring it forward if you complete marking early and are ready to release marks. Change the return date by clicking Edit Instructions from the Instructions page, changing the date and re-releasing the assignment.

Adding Rubrics

If you use rubrics in your marking, you’ll be able to add them in from Turnitin Feedback Studio. While viewing any submission, select the rubric icon. Click the settings icon in the top-right of the side panel to bring up the Rubric and Forms manager. Then click the menu in the top-left corner of the pop-up. From here you can create or upload a rubric. Your usual Turnitin settings and saved rubrics should come through in this menu as well.

Once you’ve set your rubric up, remember to click attach to assignment at the bottom of the Rubric and Forms pop-up. The rubric will now be available to use on all your students’ submissions. Learn more about rubrics in Turnitin.

Turnitin Feedback Studio with Rubric icon clicked to open rubric side panel

Click the rubric icon, then the settings icon to open the Rubric and Forms manager

Grade Centre

Depending on how you mark your assessments or use the functionality of Grade Centre, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • The marks you set in the Instructions refer to the total marks available in Turnitin when grading.

    For example: If you would like to mark an assessment out of 50 marks, set marks to 50 in the Cadmus Assignment Instructions.

  • If you use weighted grading in Grade Centre, remember to set a value for points possible in the Grading section of the Cadmus Assignment link set up page. You can then set the marks in Cadmus according to what you would like to mark the assessment out of, and grades will be weighted appropriately when they are pulled through from Cadmus to Grade Centre.

    For example: If your assessment is worth 20% of the unit, set points possible to 20. If you would like to mark the assessment in Turnitin out of 100, set marks in the Cadmus Assignment Instructions to 100. Students will see a mark out of 100 when they access feedback through Cadmus, and see a weighted grade out of 20 in their grade book.

  • When you grade a submission through Cadmus and Turnitin Feedback Studio, the grade is immediately available in Grade Centre. The return date you set in the Assessment Instructions only determines when student feedback is available to students through the Cadmus Student Environment.

    NOTE: If you don’t want students to see grades in their grade book before the return date, you can hide this when creating your Cadmus Assignment Link. Under Grading, check No for Visible to students. You can then set this to Yes after marks have been returned. Students will be able to see their grade in their grade book and access their grades and feedback through the Student Environment.

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