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You can easily add a drafting component to Cadmus Assignments to provide students with formative feedback.

If you’d like to provide students with feedback before they submit their final, you can use the Drafting functionality in Cadmus. From the Instructions page, simply set a draft due date in the Requirements section. Students can then complete their work and submit a draft in Cadmus, up until the draft due date.

Setting the draft due date in the Requirements section of the Instructions using the date-picker

Set a draft due date in the Requirements section

Once students submit, you can access draft submissions from the My Class page in the Teacher Environment. As students submit their drafts, their names will appear in the Drafts tab. From here, you can click Feedback next to a student’s name to be taken to Turnitin Feedback Studio. You can view students’ work and leave individual feedback using the full range of Turnitin grading tools. Learn more about grading in Turnitin Feedback Studio.

List of draft submissions in the drafts tab on the My Class page

Access draft submissions from the Drafts tab from the My Class page

If you provide students with individual feedback, they’ll immediately be able to access it through the Student Environment. They can then use the feedback to continue working on their final submission, and then submit their final in Cadmus when they are ready. Find out more about the Drafting process for students.

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