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Grading and Feedback

With Cadmus, you have the flexibility to grade and provide feedback to your students as you prefer.

Once the due date has passed, your class’ submissions will be uploaded to Turnitin. From Turnitin, you’ll be able to complete marking and leave feedback. Alternatively, you can provide feedback through the LMS Grade Centre. All the same marking functionality and feedback formats (written, audio etc.) can be used as usual. Students will then be able to access feedback through Turnitin or the Grade Centre of your LMS, as they would for other assessments.

If your assignment utilises Cadmus’ drafting feature, once the draft due date has passed, all draft submissions will be uploaded to Turnitin. From Turnitin you can leave personalised feedback for your students, or simply review drafts and provide collective feedback to the class.

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Now available at the following universities...

University of Melbourne Deakin University
Edith Cowan University Queensland University of technology