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Introducing Students

Cadmus assignments will be new to many of your students, so it can be helpful to introduce them to Cadmus at the beginning of an assignment.

It’s important students understand that their work needs to be completed in the Student Environment to get the most out of Cadmus. Emphasising these expectations from the beginning can be helpful in setting your class up for a successful semester with Cadmus.

The Cadmus Student Environment

We’ve found the following ideas effective in introducing Cadmus to students:

  • Show your class how to access their Cadmus assignment in a lecture or tutorial. Jump into the student environment to show them what they can expect.
  • Introduce Cadmus through an announcement on your unit page and explain the expectations in using the tool — add a link to our student video.
  • Let students know where they can get support while completing their assignment (Cadmus Manual and the Student Guides).

Introducing Tutors

The rest of your teaching team may be using Cadmus for the first time, too. Even if they aren’t setting up an assignment, they’ll probably be helping with marking, and answering student questions. To help you introduce your team to Cadmus, we’ve created an onboarding guide. It gives them an overview of the entire Cadmus Assignment process, looking at both the Teacher and Student Cadmus Environments.

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