Annotated Bibliography Template

Give students the guidance and clarity they need to effectively complete an annotated bibliography.

How to use this template

Copy this template and paste it into your Cadmus Assignment Instructions by clicking Copy this template. Adapt it to suit your task description, and attach the relevant resources.

Pair with Annotated Bibliography Structure

Annotated Bibliography

Final Your final is due on Fri 17th May at 11:59pm
Draft Your draft is due on Fri 3rd May at 11:59pm
Weighting It’s worth 25% of the unit
Word Limit 2000 words; excluding references
Referencing You are required to follow APA

🎯 Purpose

By completing this task you will develop an understanding of the research that exists, and evaluate whether it will be relevant to your research for the major essay. As you analyse and critically review a range of sources, you will develop your research, referencing and academic writing skills.

πŸ”Ž Research Topic

To what extent do ethical issues influence consumer buying decisions?

Annotated Bibliographies are bibliographies with an additional description and evaluation of each source.

As part of this assessment, you are required to:

  • Provide an evaluation of 5 academic sources (approximately 300 words per source)
  • For each source; summarise the findings, evaluate the study, and reflect on its usefulness to your research

πŸ’‘ Additional Information

To help you complete this assignment successfully, the following resources have been provided. These include:

  • Marking Rubric to understand the assessment criteria (in Resources)
  • Checklist: How to write an Annotated Bibliography that provides a step-by-step guide for completing this assignment (below)
  • Annotated Bibliography Tip Sheet for more information about how to evaluate academic sources (in Resources)
  • Annotated Bibliography Structure which you can use to plan and structure your submission
  • Link to the Library Database and video on how to effectively search (in Resources)
  • Annotated Bibliography Example to review before you begin writing (in Resources)

βœ… Checklist: How to write a Annotated Bibliography

Copy and paste this checklist into the Notes tab in Cadmus. Mark off items as you step through the process of writing your annotated bibliography.

Step 1 - Background

Step 2 - Research

Step 3 - Plan

Step 4 - Draft

Step 5 - Write

    • Pro tip: write the introduction and conclusion last

Step 6 - Review

Marking Rubric
Annotated Bibliography Tip Sheet
Annotated Bibliography Structure
Example Annotated Bibliography