Essay Structure

A basic outline to help students plan and structure their essays.

How to use this resource

Download this document and adapt it to suit your task. Attach it to your Cadmus Assignment as a Resource.

Pair with Essay Template

Essay Structure

Use this framework as you plan and structure your essay.

Introduction (150 words)

  1. Set out the context of your argument
  2. Introduce the content of the essay
  3. Introduce the theoretical perspectives you will be using
  4. Outline out your thesis statement
  5. Explain how the essay will be organised

Body (3 x 250 word paragraphs)

  1. Present a topic sentence supporting your thesis statement
  2. Add developing sentences which extend your topic sentence
  3. Give examples to support your topic sentence. Remember to use citations where appropriate.
  4. Provide a concluding sentence

Conclusion (100 words)

  1. Restate your thesis statement
  2. Summarise the points and evidence in support of your thesis statement