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Pair with Lab Report Structure

Lab Report - Genetic Inheritance

Final Your final is due on Fri 17th May at 11:59pm
Weighting It’s worth 25% of the unit
Word Limit 2000 words; excluding references
Referencing You are required to follow APA

🎯 Purpose

Lab reports form an important part of documenting experimental work in scientific research. Through this assessment you will develop your analysis and scientific communication skills, while demonstrating your understanding of genetic inheritance principles.

✏️ Task Description

Week 5 Lab: Analysing the inheritance of genes in fruit flies 🧬🦟

Write a lab report describing the experiment performed during the Week 5 lab. To do this you will need to follow the Lab Report Structure provided in the Resources.

In your report, you must:

  • include a graph or diagram of your results
  • discuss how your results were consistent with, or differed from, your initial predictions
  • identify any factors that influenced the results of the experiment
  • use academic sources other than the Lab Manual to support your writing

πŸ’‘ Additional Information

To help you complete this assignment successfully, the following resources have been provided. These include:

  • Marking Rubric to understand the assessment criteria (in Resources)
  • Checklist: How to write a Lab Report that provides a step-by-step guide for completing this assignment (below)
  • Lab Report Structure that outlines the sections required in your report (in Resources)
  • Lab Report Tip Sheet that provides an in depth description of each section
  • Lab Report Example to review before you begin writing (in Resources)

βœ… Checklist: How to write a Lab Report

Copy and paste this checklist into the Notes tab in Cadmus. Check off items as you step through the process of completing your Lab Report.

Step 1 - Background

Step 2 - Plan

Step 3 - Write

Step 4 - Review

Marking Rubric
Lab Report Tip Sheet
Lab Report Structure
Example Lab Report