Lab Report Structure

An outline of the sections and relevant content required for a lab report.

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Pair with Lab Report Template

Lab Report Structure

Structure your report using the following headings for each section.


  1. Give the Lab Report an appropriate title


  1. State the issue investigated by the experiment
  2. Provide some background on the experiment and why it is important (use
  3. State the aim of the experiment and the methods used
  4. State the hypothesis


  1. Outline how you conducted the experiment
  2. Describe the experimental design, the treatments, and apparatus used
  3. Describe the procedures and methods used
  4. Detail how you analysed the data


  1. Describe your findings - what happened?
  2. Include relevant graphs and tables to support your findings
  3. Create these in Excel, and upload them as images to Cadmus


  1. Discuss your results - why did it happen?
  2. Make reference to literature where relevant
  3. State whether or not the results supported the hypothesis
  4. Discuss any sources of error
  5. Write a concluding paragraph about the significance of your findings
  6. Suggest further steps for scientific process


  1. Add any material that supports your findings (i.e. raw data, results, etc.)


  1. Add in-text citations for other sources used in the report
  2. Add an end-text reference list in the References section