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What is Cadmus?

Cadmus is an online environment where assessment can be created by teachers and completed by students. It offers you a new way of conducting assessment, with no compromise on workload or student experience. This enables you to create the right assessment piece to achieve your graduate and learning outcomes.


Easy authentic assessment.

Creating authentic assessment in Cadmus saves you time. It provides the tools you need in one convenient place. This means you spend more time on your students and less time setting up your assignment. Easily add resources, set requirements, and deliver instructions directly to your students in Cadmus.

“I found my students ended up enjoying their Cadmus Assignments, and I saw significant improvements in the level of work produced inside of Cadmus.”

Valerie Powell, Lecturer, The University of Queensland


Support your student’s learning.

Cadmus makes it easy for you to support your students. They have their own environment to complete a Cadmus Assignment. Your instructions and assessment resources are all delivered directly within this environment. No need to hunt through the L.M.S. to find the information needed to effectively complete the assessment.

“I really enjoyed using the Cadmus system. It was quite easy to use, and I got used to how it worked quite quickly.”

Student, The University of Melbourne

Learn more about what you can do with Cadmus.

Learn more about the Cadmus Assignment, or read a case study on how Cadmus has been used at the University of Melbourne.

The Cadmus Assignment

The Cadmus Assignment

University of Melbourne Case Study

University of Melbourne Case Study



Cadmus exceeded my expectations and is definitely something I hope to use again in future. It helped me configure my assignments in ways that saved me time and effort.

Daniel Halliday, Lecturer, The University of Melbourne

The educative tools in Cadmus are impressive and can enable lecturers and learners to understand not only the writing product but the writing process. I found more students cited correctly, which suggests the educative aspect of Cadmus was effective.

Alice Payne, Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

Who we’re working with.

We work closely with institutions to ensure that academics and students get the most out of every Cadmus Assignment.


About us.

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